Sunday, June 19, 2011

We've adopted a few plants..

The edible landscaping that was done at the library has been uprooted & relocated. We've adopted them ...
A Few of the Delectable Edibles at the Library - on the evening before the plants were uprooted.

The City Dropped the Plants off On-Site on Friday Morning.

Most of the plants will be donated to designate plots in one of the local community gardens (the harvest will then be donated to the foodbank!!), a few will go to the Kamloops Daily News for their first ever edible garden, and the rest we have planted on site. 
What an interesting week it's been. We are curious to know what everyone is thinking about this controversial plant-in and equally controversial uproot. Please send us an email if you have an opinion ( This is a great opportunity to gain public input and begin thinking about the future of edible landscaping: the pros, cons, questions, and ideas!! 

P.S. A letter to the editor of the paper or to the TNRD isn't a bad idea either :)

We received a bit of media coverage this week too:

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