Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Signs

We were at the Farmers Market yesterday painting signs for the garden. 

Anyone who happened to stroll by was invited to paint a sign - and many did!!
We have so many brightly coloured signs decorating the garden now.
Thanks to everyone who participated and thanks to the Farmers Market for letting us hang out there!

The two most common questions we were asked:
(1) How much does it cost to paint a sign? 
(nothing at all, thanks to some generous donations)
(2) Will you be back next week? 
(No, but we may come back again at some point this summer to paint 
because it was a great time)
Thanks to Shelaigh for all of the supplies (wooden flowers, cedar planks, all of the paints!)
Thanks to Carole for bringing all of the paint to General Paint to have it shaken!!
(and big thanks to General Paint for refreshing all of our colours at no charge)

After the market, a few of us wandered over to the Grind and 
outlined signs as we snacked on some much needed sustenance. the garden!
There are more signs on their way...take a wander down..

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