Monday, May 16, 2011

Thursday May 19th - Work Day & Meeting!!

The United Way has generously arranged a Day of Caring at the Public Produce site on Thursday May 19 from 9am-3pm
There will be approximately 15 people there throughout the day but we definitely need more help! 

Thanks to the hard work of a few amazing volunteers, the beds have been built and we are now ready to shovel the soil into the beds! 

If you can come out at any point during the day, we would love to see you there! If you are able, please bring a shovel (and even a wheelbarrow if you have one!). Alternatively, if you have to work but have shovels or wheelbarrows that we could borrow for the day...please be in touch, we could use extra supplies!! 
(these boxes need dirt inside of them!!)

After the work is done, there will be a meeting at 4pm for volunteers who would like to contribute to the direction of the project in the next few months. We want to gain some feedback and brainstorm ideas. This is a project for everyone to contribute to and all suggestions will be happily welcomed. We've had several artists approach us for unique mural, photography, and kids art project ideas...

This is a community space and communities need art, culture, and food!! 

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