Monday, May 23, 2011

Thank You::Thank You::Thank You

A generous round of thank yous must be extended to all of the amazing volunteers who have put in so much time so far - none of this would be here without you..
Huge thanks also go out to Painless Underground Sprinklers who put in an entire irrigation system free of charge on Wednesday May 18th. Amazing work, what a relief for us!! 
Also, thank you to the United Way and the Royal Bank who coordinated a Day of Caring on May 19th (all of the soil was wheelbarrowed into the raised beds and the raised beds were painted!!). 
The crew from Garden Gate also came out to help us - together, we were an enormous crew of highly efficient dirt diggers and wheelbarrow pushers. So efficient, that we ran out of work!!

Ms. Morgan's grade 7 class from Stuart Wood Elementary also popped in to help for awhile. Thank you!! Artizan Horticulture kindly donated wheelbarrows and shovels on the Day of Caring - this was a huge help, thank you!   

Another thank you to Emily Hope for creating our beautiful poster
Keep an eye open for it around town!! 
Lastly, two enormous thank yous must go out to Shelaigh Garson and James Boak. Their behind-the-scenes coordination of supplies, labour, soil, and lumber combined with their hands on labour, incredible knowledge, and skill sets have made this project possible. 

There will be so many more thank yous to come, stay tuned..... 

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