Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mixing things up at MacDonald Park Public Produce!

Happy March everyone! We're 9 days from Spring, but these passed couple of days feel like it's here already!

This season is going to be an interesting one with big expansions to the Elm St. Public Garden (such a big space, it's time to use some more of it!) and a big shake up at the MacDonald Park Public Garden.

The Thompson-Shuswap Master Gardeners have offered to take over the care and maintenance of the MacDonald Park Public Demonstration Garden and have already had their first meeting at the Garden to discuss some changes to be made. Plants are going to be growing legs and moving all over the Garden! If you're interested in taking part in the Great Replanting send me an e-mail - publicproduceproject@gmail.com to volunteer. The Master Gardeners and I will need all the help we can get moving the cane fruits, fruit shrubs and herbs to more appropriate places in the Garden to make room their rapid growth. Expect more Permaculture Design practices to be discussed and implemented!

The Great Replanting will coincide with the Pruning and Planting Workshop, which you shouldn't miss, as Greg is a fountain of knowledge! (see below)

Can you believe this photo was only taken a week ago!? (Master Gardeners and I discussing plans for changes to the MacDonald Park Garden) The snow is all melted again now and my green thumbs are getting itchy!

On March 29th Greg Houghton (City of Kamloops Arbortist) will be doing a Pruning and Planting Workshop where he will demonstrate the proper planting of a young fruit tree (two of the Garden's apple trees are going to be transplanted into new spots in the Garden). Check out the City of Kamloops Activity Guide for more information on how to register (although, if you show up to the event without registering or to volunteer for the Great Replanting I wouldn't worry about being turned away!)

Looking forward to a great season, and I hope to see you out enjoying the North Shore's Public Produce Gardens.

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