Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Come harvest some early season treats!

Some of our produce is ready for harvest!!! Next time you're swinging by the garden, bring your basket and some scissors or a sharp knife, and pick up some of these tasty treats:

Mizuna is a flavourful, slightly spicy Asian green in the Brassica family that makes a great accent to any green salad. Harvest by cutting with a knife or scissors about 2 inches from the ground, as shown below:

Oregano is a hardy perennial herb that tastes delicious and is used in many styles of cooking including Greek, Italian and Mexican. Harvest by picking leaves or sprigs where they branch off from the stem.

Viola Flowers (Johnny Jump-Ups)
These lovely little purple and yellow flowers (Johnny-Jump-Ups are the smallest of the edible Viola flowers) make for a beautiful splash of colour in your salad!! Use as soon as possible after harvesting. 

No explanation needed ;) These tender baby greens are delicious and nutritious - and they need thinning, so get down here and harvest some! Best harvesting practice is to cut the leaf about 3 inches from the ground.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who work so hard to get our garden growing the way it should! 

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