Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portland, Oregon - A Very Edible City

Portland is a city to feast in and on. 
And a city to look towards in terms of its sustainable practices, 
food security, and local initiatives...
There are delectable food carts (organized into pods of carts!!) all over the city, that sell locally grown, weird, and delicious snacks. 
There are raised beds (filled with edibles) decorating almost every residential meridian and sidewalk. 
...Edible Landscaping Galore:
Mini produce markets can be found, housed with delicious goods and local specialty items...

There seems to be signs pointing towards farmers markets on every city block!

And to top it all off (at the end of the meal): they have CURBSIDE COMPOST. 
Oh ya...The Local Micro Breweries: Also very good...
Food Art. 
We should definitely look toward Portland for some
ingenious ideas and initiatives for our own community. 

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